Customs Advisory Services

Global Trade Advisory Services

We support businesses involved in global trade to realise significant financial savings and operational benefits.


  • identify and supply the latest information on standards, regulations, pre-shipment inspection companies, packaging, and labeling requirements
  • help businesses to identify and utilise preferential trade agreements
  • support businesses in structuring international trade supply contracts
  • help businesses obtain efficient and cost-effective freight forwarding arrangements
  • develop tax efficient supply chains
  • Advise and recommend the most suitable Incoterm 2016 to help businesses determine the transport modes to use, the person to nominate the carrier, and determine the responsibility and risk that the business is prepared to bear

Customs Advisory Services

Businesses involved in the movement of goods across countries are exposed to international trade regulations and customs duties imposed on most imports and some exports. Such exposure can be extremely costly if not managed and controlled through careful and timeous planning. Our array of customs advisory covers:

  • customs valuation
  • tariff classification
  • export and investment incentive schemes
  • drawback, rebates, and refunds
  • import duty exemptions and duty setoffs
  • Identification of qualifying criteria and benefits under EAC, COMESA, AGOA, and other Preferential Trade Arrangements (Rules of Origin).
  • ship-stores, duty free shops, EPZ and bonded warehousing
  • customs dispute resolution
  • drafting and submitting of objections and appeals
  • negotiating settlements
  • in-house training on standard customs procedures
  • Dealing with Government agencies on regulatory issues including licensing and non-tariff barriers

Excise Advisory Services

We provide excise compliance advice to clients by developing an understanding of their businesses and providing them with an informed perspective on the Excise compliance issues that they face in energy, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, insurance, finance, tobacco, and telecommunication. We help our customers succeed by providing expert excise advice, counsel, and decision support to enable them mitigate their risk in the following areas:

  • review or completion of Excise registration forms for submission
  • assessment of the matters in the company that are relevant for excise duty law
  • implementation of EGMS
  • excise dispute resolution
  • rebates and refunds
  • drafting and submitting of objections and appeals
  • in-house training on standard excise procedures
  • Management of excise duty remission schemes

Public Policy Advisory

A company is a sum of its industry’s competitive landscape – the markets, the cycles, sustainability and the countless factors that give the industry and its challenges their unique character. We work with companies to develop strategies which provide the optimum trade and customs treatment consistent with the business objectives. Every company needs to understand the trade policy environment in which it operates. The variety, complexity and transience of trade policy regulations present a major operational and financial challenge to companies. We support businesses to overcome regulatory barriers by helping them to deal with:

  • government agencies on  regulatory issues including licensing and non-tariff barriers
  • stakeholder mapping and management
  • sustainability reporting
  • industry specific regulatory requirements
  • analysis of impact of government policy on specific industry
  • public affairs research and opinion polling
  • public policy advocacy
  • Public Affairs Support of Business Strategies