Andersen Tax Advisory & Regulatory Services

Tax health checks

Given the complex and dynamic nature of tax, we provide tax health check services. These reviews are designed to assess the organization’s level of compliance with all tax laws, assist the organization to quantify any tax exposures that arise from the review and assist you to identify the risk areas that exist in your tax processes.

Tax compliance

Taxpayers are required to file tax returns on a periodic basis – Corporate Income Tax returns, employee tax returns, withholding tax returns or Value Added Tax returns.

We provide to you some peace of mind by computing entries to the returns, preparing the returns, and eventually filing them with the authorities on a timely basis.

Focused tax research

We assist our clients in undertaking specific tax related research designed to form the basis of engagement with regulators and the treasury on tax policies. Our research output is used to inform pricing decisions, market position, investment decisions and engagement with government and non-government agencies.

Tax review assistance & tax litigation support

Tax reviews are time-consuming. We step in to assist you in handling the review from the initial to the final stages. We review revenue authority findings, advise on the legitimacy of demands, assist in raising objections, and generally represent your interests with the Tax Authority. We can represent you in Revenue Authority meetings/discussions and assist in resolving any arising issues.

We also assist in tax litigation support by representing clients in alternative dispute resolution process, the Tax Appeals Tribunal and even the High Court. Our legal team has represented clients and appealed against tribunal rulings in the High Court of Kenya and succeeded in client representation.

Tax strategy, structuring and planning

Our tax planning services include advising on any changes in tax laws and regulations and providing tax planning ideas in respect of the changes where applicable. We review new business activities and significant transactions and advise on the most tax efficient structure.